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Como cultivamos

The way we grow

We like to keep things simple and to maintain a close relationship with our growers.

They know us well and know that we are as fair as we are demanding. And they know that we cannot just be satisfied with produce to be organic, for we always look for higher quality.

Agricultura biodinámica desde Almería

We are certified as producers of biodynamic agriculture by Demeter. We only distribute under our new brand Krytós cultivated vegetables following with dedication the principles of biodynamic agriculture.

Testimonio Agricultor Ecológico

I have been almost all my life working in greenhouses and five years now with Abdera Organic. Organic crops take a bigger effort than standard ones but it is worthwhile: an organic aubergine will always have a better and more genuine taste. José - Aubergine grower

Testimonio Agricultor Ecológico

Going from conventional methods to integrated pest management meant all of a revolution to me. I think that organic cultivation is the future, for it is the only sustainable way for farming. I love to see every fruit grow and I learn something new every day. José María - Pepper grower

A matter of principles

We have turned the principles of IFOAM in a part of our day-to-day.

1.Principle of Health

Fostering healthy soil, plants, animals and humans.

2.Principle of Ecology

Emulating and sustaining natural systems.

3.Principle of Fairness

Equity, respect and justice for all living things.

4.Principle of Care

A responsible management to protect health and well-being.

Caja de verduras ecológicas

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We are looking for distributors that share our values and that may help us take our produce to markets all over Europe.

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