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Organic produce only

We care for every stage of the cultivation, packaging and delivery processes for our organic vegetables. Our aim is to always offer organic, healthy and tasty produce in the best conditions.

  • Tomate ecológico


    From October through June

    Almería climate and natural features of its soil make it a great place to grow organic tomatoes, as they preserve all their natural qualities and its strong flavour.

  • Pimiento ecológico


    From January through December

    We grow California peppers, known for its juicy and savoury flesh. We produce yellow, red and green peppers.

  • Pepino ecológico


    From October through June

    Cucumber This is an annual crop, very present around the Mediterranean. Our varieties include French and "Almería" cucumbers.

  • Berenjena ecológica


    From January through December

    Our aubergine and striped aubergine production stands out in quality rather than quantity.

  • Calabacín ecológico


    From October through June

    Our light colour and refreshing flavour courgettes are harvested in July and September.

  • Judía ecológica

    Green beans

    From October through June

    Green beans are a source of water, C vitamin, B9 vitamin and carotenoids for our body. Ours, also count on a unique taste.

  • Col ecológica


    From January through March

    We produce picuda cabbage, which has a nice texture and a sweet and soft flavour.


We can adapt the way our produce is packaged to cater every clients' needs, by ordering in time.

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