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Everything about Abdera Organic

Abdera Organic is a family business, a social enterprise that distributes organic vegetables since 2008 to top European markets.

Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands or Switzerland are the countries where we usually sell our our vegetables. We believe in loyalty to our customers and growers, quality over quantity and the amazing power of doing things the right way We have produced organic vegetables ourselves before distributing and we know the passion and dedication of our growers first-hand.

Agricultor recogiendo pimiento ecológico

One of our farmers picks some organic pepper.

Antonio Jesús Galdeano

Antonio Jesús Galdeano, Manager

Antonio (you can find his LinkedIn profile here) has been in agriculture all of his life. Since he found out the benefits of organic production, he transformed his farm to get fully adapted to what he considers to be a way of life. He founded Abdera Organic with his spouse, Carmen Martín, since he wanted to share this philosophy with his family and farmer friends.

From Almeria to Europe

Here, at Abdera Organic we make sure that our vegetables arrive to any destination in Europe keeping their characteristics as they were at the very time of collection.


That is why our headquarters is in the largest agricultural production area of Southern Europe and our packaging technology is state-of-the-art. But above all, we count on expert professionals for our produce who know perfectly how to deal with it.

We care

For us, quality certifications prove how right we do our work. Our social and environmental vision goes beyond the structure of the company itself, as we consider it as part of our commitment to our clients, our workers and the environment.

Empaquetado de productos orgánicos

In this regard, our Plan for Equal Opportunities is just one more tool to put our philosophy into practice.

And we believe that we have to contribute to society. So, we work with Los Carriles Foundation to improve the quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities and with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

Caja de verduras ecológicas

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We are looking for distributors that share our values and that may help us take our produce to markets all over Europe.

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